“Our kitchens and other furniture are made for tomorrow – for the future - since we take good care to produce furniture of extreme quality and of timeless shapes.

If we want to act responsible in today’s world, it is essential to buy and produce with great thought and only products of lasting quality. These are the principles that we follow from buying supplies, through development process, to producing and assembling our final product.”

                                                                                                                                                                                        - Erik Mlinar, CEO


Mlinar & Mlinar Showroom

Župančičeva 18, 1000 Ljubljana


tel: +386 1 241 65 20

GSM: + 386 51 424 499

Mlinar pohištvo d.o.o.

Vojkova 25, 5280 Idrija


tel: +386 5 373 47 30


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